BC based illustration artist and self proclaimed art-aholic Kristi Clarke has been working in the arts for the better part of her life with a current focus on illustration and print making.

With a life long love for art that was sparked at a young age, young Kristi could be often found with her colored pencils and coloring books drawing the day away. She dabbled in several art disciplines such as fashion design and interior design before settling on visual arts. Her love for art was further developed when she attended school for graphic design in Vancouver. While working with a variety of clients over the course of her career she still managed to continue her art education displaying her work in Vancouver galleries.

Over the last few years Kristi has focused her career on illustration projects. She is always trying something new to challenge growth in her work and has explored many mediums such as collage, digital, vector, graphite and block printing. She is inspired by working to marry different techniques to create new and interesting results.

Working currently in digital mediums and printmaking, Kristi’s work uses bold lines and texture to give a unique life to her style. Her work is often abstract and based on strong emotion. Some of Kristi’s art heroes include JooHee Yoon, Hiromi Sumida, Diego Marmolejo and Gosia Herba. She believes art should make you slow down, think and absorb things in life that are often overlooked.

She now lives and practices her craft in Kelowna, BC. You can follow her work on her Instagram, pineterest and facebook (@paperalibi) as well as displayed periodically at local establishments. There is also a selection of work available for purchase on her website – kristiclarke.com